How To Restore Stained Windows On Your Yacht – What You Need To Know!

How To Restore Stained Windows On Your Yacht – What You Need To Know!

The windows on your yacht go through a lot. Your windows protect the interior of your yacht from the elements. Whether it’s driving rain, saltwater splash, UV rays, or even dust and dirt, they tend to build up quite a bit of dirt and grime – and over time, this can cause stains, scratches, and glass damage.

This isn’t limited to the exterior, either. Interior dust, grease from fingerprints, and salty air can damage and oxidize interior glass, just as it damages exterior glass.

Replacing the glass on your yacht is expensive, but there’s good news. With the proper products and techniques, you can prevent your windows from becoming stained or damaged – and you can even restore yacht glass that has already been stained, scratched, or has otherwise deteriorated!

In this article, Venco Marine will take a look at how you can prevent your windows from becoming stained – and how you can treat existing stains and scratches without paying an arm and a leg. Let’s get started.


Preventing Stains Before They Occur

Regular maintenance is the only way to prevent stains, scratches, and damage to your yacht glass. Although glass on yachts is treated with advanced coatings to resist saltwater and corrosion, that’s no excuse to simply neglect maintenance.

Nature will take its course. Limescale build up, acid rain, saltwater, and oxidation will eventually stain or damage your windows if you do not perform regular maintenance – and these stains cannot simply be wiped away or buffed out.

While glass seems totally smooth, it’s full of microscopic cracks and fractures. If mineral deposits, pollution such as exhaust gas, or salt become embedded into these cracks and fractures, they’re “baked in” by UV rays from the sun – and they become much more difficult to remove.

The best way to prevent stains before they occur is to squeegee your windows with fresh water daily – at least, as long as your boat is on the water. By using pure water and a daily routine of cleaning, you can remove any and all stains before they become permanently embedded in your glass.


Restoring Stained And Scratched Windows

Even if your windows are stained or scratched, don’t worry! You don’t have to go through the expensive process of replacing your yacht glass. Minor stains can often be treated with a simple, at-home consumer treatment kit, such as Venco Clear X. And even if you need professional glass services, Venco Marine can help you resurface and repair your glass – for a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows!

Glass polishing and resurfacing is fairly simple. Using advanced, extremely high-grit polishing compounds and the highest-quality tools, Venco Marine will remove the very top layer of glass from your yacht windows. Usually, only fractions of a millimeter are removed. Glass resurfacing done with this method can be repeated hundreds of times – with no reduction in glass clarity, quality, or durability.

Tough water stains, mineral deposits, and oxidation are removed along with this microscopic layer of glass, leaving behind only a layer of crystal-clear, beautiful glass. This glass is then polished to a high shine, and protected using Venco Clear X products – ensuring that it’s more resistant to staining from water, salt, exhaust, and any other potential source of damage.


Restoring Stained Windows Vs. Replacing Yacht Windows

Compared to the replacement of stained and scratched windows, yacht window restoration has a variety of benefits. First, it’s much less expensive. Replacing even a single window on your yacht can cost you thousands of dollars – but resurfacing costs only a fraction of that price.

Next, it’s much faster. At Venco Marine, we can replace your glass – but that requires the use of cranes, and you usually must custom-order replacement glass, which takes a while to manufacture. Resurfacing your glass takes only a few days at most – saving you a significant amount of time, and getting you back out on the water more quickly.

Finally, restoring your existing windows is much more ecologically-friendly. You reduce waste, and lower the overall impact that your yacht has on the surrounding environment.


Contact Venco Marine For Professional Yacht Window Restoration!

Whether you’re looking to restore your own boat’s windows with Venco Clear X, or need comprehensive cruise ship window treatment for a yacht that has seriously damaged or stained glass, Venco Marine is the right choice for you!

Take a look at our services today, and see how we can help you restore, resurface, or replace your marine glass. Still got questions? Contact us today!

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