How To Apply Venco Clear X

How To Apply Venco Clear X

How To Apply Venco Clear X To Restore Your Glass

Your Step By Step Guide

Venco Clear X is a really great product. This simple buffing compound can easily remove the toughest stains caused by corrosion, salt and calcium deposits, and more. It can even address minor scratches and surface damage, restoring the original appearance of your marine glass.

Best of all, it’s very simple to use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Venco Clear X.

  1. Clean And Prepare Your Glass Surface

Before you use the stain remover, you should try to remove as much dirt, grime, and other material from the glass. This will help prevent it from being driven into the glass when the buffing compound is applied. Use a glass cleaner and a rag, and remove as much material as you can. 

  1. Wet The Window With A Spray Bottle Or Rag

Using a wet rag or a spray bottle, make sure the window is wet. You may need to re-apply water while buffing, so keep more water close at hand. 

  1. Choose The Right Buffing Pad For Your Needs And Apply Venco Clear X 

    Easy Application

Venco Clear X comes with a regular duty (white) and heavy duty (red) buffing pad. You can use these pads to manually apply buffing compound. Apply the compound directly to the glass, and begin rubbing it in vigorous, small circles, working in one section at a time.

You can also use a machine buffer. Apply buffing compound directly to the buffer disk, and apply it to the wet glass using a low RPM rotation, and a medium amount of force.

  1. Repeat Application, If Necessary

If your stain or other glass imperfection has not been completely removed, you may need to re-apply the buffing compound. Continue doing so until the imperfection has been removed from the glass.

  1. Clean Off Remaining Polish With A Sponge/Rag And Warm Water 

There will likely be a bit of buildup from the polish, so wash this away using a soft, clean sponge or rag, and warm water. You may also want to use a toothbrush to get the polishing compound out of the corners of the window, as it has a tendency to build up in these areas. 

  1. Use A Dry Rag To Remove Remaining Polishing Compound

If you notice any polishing compound that remains on the glass, you can use a clean, dry rag to remove it. It should wipe off readily, leaving behind clear, restored glass. Make sure that all remaining compound has been removed before proceeding to the next step. 

  1. Apply Clear Guard Polymer Protection 

The Venco Clear X kit comes with a specialized “Clear Guard” product which is used to seal and protect your glass. Pour a small amount of this product onto the included clean applicator cloth, and begin rubbing it onto the glass, working in small sections, and using a circular motion.

Repeat this process at least twice, to ensure that the glass has received a full, complete coat of protection. A gray “haze” may remain on the surface of the glass. This is normal, and once dry, it can be removed with a clean, damp cloth.

Follow These Instructions – Restore Your Glass Today!

The Venco Clear X Kit is truly an incredible glass restoration product. In just a few minutes, you can remove even the most difficult stains, and restore your glass to a factory finish. So take another look at these instructions now, and get started with this advanced glass cleaning kit!venco-clear-x-kit


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