Cleaning and Restoring Glass With Venco Clear X


Cleaning and Restoring Glass With Venco Clear X

Cleaning and Restoring Glass With Venco Clear X

Use Venco Clear X For A Squeaky Clean Shine!

If your boat’s glass has seen better days, you may be wondering what to do. Maybe no amount of Windex is helping to remove that hard water stain, but you’re worried about scuffing and damaging your glass by using a polishing pad.

We get it! Marine glass is very expensive, so the idea of damaging it – or being forced to replace it – is not exactly appealing.

So, what should you do? Use the Venco Clear X glass restoration product, of course! This unique cleaning and polishing system was built specifically to clean marine glass, and remove tough stains and damage. Interested? Learn more below.

What Is Venco Clear X?

Venco Clear X is offered in a kit that consists of 4 different products:

  • clear-x-window-polish-stain-remover4oz Venco Marine Window Polish/Stain Remover – This specialized compound is a tough abrasive that’s built to remove stains and other imperfection without scratching or etching your glass.
  • 4oz Venco Marine “Clear Guard” Invisible Glass Protector – This ultra-hard finishing product is designed to prevent further damage to your glass, and protect it for the months to come.
  • 1 Venco Marine Regular Duty Buffing Pad (White) – With a medium-roughened surface, this buffing pad is appropriate for most applications.
  • 1 Venco Marine Heavy Duty Buffing Pad (Red) – Built for heavy-duty stain removal with a durable design.

Simply apply the polish and stain remover to the buffing pad of your choice, then rub into the glass. Wash away the polish, and treat the glass with the Clear Guard Glass Protector, and you’re done! It’s just that easy.

What Issues Can Venco Clear X Treat? 

Venco Clear X can treat the vast majority of issues that are common on marine glass, such as:

  • venco-products-imageRust and corrosion – Glass stained due to rust from the window, or a surrounding metal element? It’s not a problem with Venco Clear X.
  • Water marks – Saltwater and rain can leave serious hard water stains and marks on windows, which are easily removed with Venco products.
  • Stains – Stains caused by chemicals and other such compounds can be quickly removed with Venco Clear X.
  • Salt deposits – Salt and calcium deposits are quite common on seafaring boats, and are tough to remove with traditional cleaning products. However, the abrasive power of Venco Clear X makes it easy to quickly buff away even the most heinous salt deposits, restoring your glass.
  • Minor scratches and damage – Venco Clear X helps buff away scratches and minor imperfections from the first layer of your marine glass, restoring its clarity and appearance. In addition, the Clear Guard helps prevent future scratches and damage.

If you can name it, Venco Clear X can treat it. From everyday cleaning and polishing, to the most difficult renovation and restoration projects. So don’t turn to any other product. Only Venco Clear X has the power to clean your glass while preventing further scratches and damage.



Shop Now And Restore Your Marine Glass Today

Convinced that Venco Clear X is the right product for you? That’s what we thought! We were so impressed with the performance of Venco Clear X, and we highly recommend it for just about every marine glass cleaning project! Shop this line of products now, and you will not be disappointed!

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